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It Is Time to Go Solar

By going solar, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.

Why Go Solar?

Why Go Solar:

Eliminate those monthly surprises. Montana electric rates increase on average over 2-4% per year. Northwest Energy was just approved for a large rate increase and they will probably continue to request increases in rates, due to population and grid growth. Go Solar Today and Save! 


Today through 2030 homeowners who go Solar are eligible to take advantage of a 30% Federal Tax Credit. That’s right, 30% of the total solar purchase price.

Your New SOLAR system is GUARANTEED to pay for itself with your electricity savings. Once paid off, you’ll be producing FREE pure, clean, green energy for the next 30+ years. No other home improvement continues to put money in your pocket, month after month after month.


Financing is available with numerous zero-down options. We’re experts when it comes to financing your Solar project. You will be cash-flow positive from day one resulting in quick payback on your investment.


Adding Solar significantly increases the value of your home and makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. It’s proven in real estate, time and again that a home with Solar sells faster than one without. Plus, in many financing scenarios, you can write off much of your payment on your taxes.

Ready to Go Solar? Our experienced solar representatives can get the process started for you. 

How Solar Works?

During daylight hours solar panels produce power which offsets power being used in the household or commercial building. If you are producing more power than you are using it will run your meter backwards, racking up credits on your utility bill. You draw down those credits during the darker, winter months. This is called Net metering. Solar can zero out your electricity costs, and you shift your monthly payment to your solar system until its paid off. It’s that simple.


Our engineers will review the data collected by your Wholesale Energy Representative to make sure what was sold physically fits your roof and electrical panel. Your Application will be sent for Pre-Net Metering Request (Estimated Completion Time 1-2 weeks)

Site Evaluation

A site survey will be conducted if pre-engineering feels it needs more information to complete the engineering, (i.e. exact roof measurements.) If needed, our Operations Dept. will notify you to make an appointment. The appointment should be around an hour. (Estimated Completion Time 1 day)

Layout Approval

We will email you a roof layout for your review. Your project will move forward to State or City permitting upon receiving your final approval.

Final Engineering

Once you approve your layout, we will complete your plans to submit to the permitting agency. (Estimated Completion Time 1-2 weeks)


We will install your solar panels, inverter(s), and conduit. Inside access to your home will be required for install. (Estimated Completion Time 1-5 days depending on system size)

State of City Final Permit Inspection

We coordinate with your permitting jurisdiction to approve your solar system. (Estimated Completion Time 1-2 days)


Utility Permission to Operate Final Approval (Net Metering)

We work with your utility company to approve interconnection of your solar system. (2-6 weeks)

Get started on the path toward energy independence!

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