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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Solar Cost?
    The cost of solar depends on how much power is being offset. Generally speaking solar should have a rate of return of 15%.
  • How does the tax credit work?
    Currently, there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit calculated off the cost of the solar installed. Example; Residential: Cost of Solar is $20,000 30% Tax Credit =$6,000 Total Cost of Solar=$14,000 After the tax credit Commercial: Cost of Solar is $100,000 30% Tax Credit=$30,000 85% Depreciation @ a 30% tax rate=$25,500 (Taken first year under IRC Section 179) Total Cost of Solar=$44,500
  • How do you install Solar?
    Solar can be installed on your roof top or on a ground mount. Both options are structurally sound and can withstand Montana's harsh client.
  • Why Wholesale Energy, LLC?
    At Wholesale Energy we pride ourselves on providing quality solar at a wholesale price.
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