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Commercial Solar

Wholesale energy is committed to helping businesses save on their energy bills. The accumulated savings from solar energy helps businesses to increase their cash flow. 

Start your building energy process today!

Commercial Solar for Your Business

Save money by going green! Solar is a long-term investment with benefits that pay off for thirty years or more. Solar will also reduce your energy bills. Wholesale Energy will help you choose the best Photo Voltaic (PV) system for your budget and your energy needs. We are committed to helping Montana businesses save big on their energy bills.


You can improve your cash flow by locking in your energy costs. The savings from solar accumulates over time and are huge in the long run. Solar panel installations have a minimum lifespan of 25+ years—they’re built to last. 



You’re eligible to take advantage of a 30% Federal Tax Credit. As a business, you can also depreciate 85% of the solar purchase price in the year of purchase under IRC Section 179. Your SOLAR system is GUARANTEED to pay for itself with the tax and electric savings. You’ll be producing pure, clean, green energy for the next 30+ years. 


Minimize your upfront cost with customized, zero-down financing options from Wholesale Energy.

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