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    Save Energy.
    Save Money.

    At Wholesale Energy, we focus on providing the greatest energy savings through energy efficient design using industries best practices.

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  • Wholesale Energy has been installing a wide variety of electrical retrofits that conserve energy and save money for more than 20 years

    Track Record.
    Bright Future.

    Wholesale Energy, formerly known as Wholesale Lighting Services, started as a supplier of lighting supplies in 1988 and continues to add energy savings solutions.

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    Design. Plan.
    Deliver. Close.

    Our Project Development and Delivery Process ensures energy efficiency retrofit projects runs as smoothly as possible and delivers Peace of Mind to our customers.

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  • Energy conservation retrofits and upgrades designed by energy engineers and installed by certified electricians.
  • More than 20 years setting the standards in progressive energy design and delivery of energy efficient solutions.
  • Our process at Wholesale Energy consists of four key phases to ensure your energy conservation measure project runs as smoothly as possible.
  • K-12 school districtEnhance Your K-12 School System with Energy Efficient Solutions

    Energy savings and social responsibility are important values that Wholesale Energy can help you fulfill by performing energy efficient retrofits for your school. Upgrading your facility demonstrates your dedication to cost savings and your commitment to energy conservation. Read more...

  • Universities Reach Your Energy Conservation Goals with Wholesale Energy

    Providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment for your students is a top priority. An energy-upgrade, including a lighting retrofit, can significantly improve how a student reads, writes, studies and learns – not to mention meeting State mandated lighting levels. Read more...

  • Government FacilitiesEnergy Saving Upgrades for Government Facilities

    When cost savings, energy savings and environmental leadership are important values to your government administration, you will find that Wholesale Energy can successfully help reach your goals. Wholesale Energy has performed energy conservation upgrades for many government entities. Read more...

  • HospitalsEnergy Saving Upgrades for Hospital and Medical Facilities

    Energy saving upgrades are crucial in operating rooms. One of the most important goals when upgrading hospitals and medical centers, is appeasing surgeons and others assisting in performing an operation. Therefore, we offer energy efficient lighting upgrades and temperature control installations specifically for providing the most comfortable environment. Read more...

  • Commercial BuildingsConserve Energy in Office Buildings, Warehouses, and Retail Facilities

    Wholesale Energy has worked with multiple commercial facilities, including office buildings, warehouses, and retailers to save on energy consumption and lower utility costs. By upgrading your commercial facility with energy efficient retrofits, you will display your environmental leadership of saving energy and notice a drastic change in your utility bill and energy usage. Read more...

  • Parking Garages Conserve Energy in Parking Garages with Lighting and Control Upgrades

    Energy savings, enhanced lighting atmosphere, and improved safety are concerns for many parking garages. Wholesale Energy provides energy saving upgrades for parking garages of all sizes, helping customers recognize a suite of benefits by retrofitting existing non-efficient lighting with more energy saving products. Read more...

Wholesale Energy saves CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System over $275,000 Annually with Energy Saving Lighting Upgrades

The Children's Hospital of San Antonio is one of many campuses of the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System. Wholesale Energy (WE) partners with CHRISTUS to provide energy efficient lighting upgrades that will increase sustainability, reduce wasted energy, save money, and align with the organization's social responsibility to participate in green initiatives.

After 20 years of providing lighting design services, name change represents a shift toward a comprehensive suite of energy-saving solutions.

There are many critical steps to starting an energy efficient lighting retrofit, including a lighting survey, engineering an energy savings solution and an upgrade proposal. A complete turn-key solution also includes all of the project planning, material acquisition, site and project management, safety first protocol, quality controlled installation and clear project documentation and closure. Do you want to know how Wholesale Energy ensures the best possible project every step of the way?

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